TYRED is a four-player party game scheduled to be released in 2017 on Steam. The players take the ‘roll’ of tyres and partake in a series of mini-games.

Bash - The aim of this game mode is to be the last tyre on the arena floor. Players must use everything in their power to knock their opponents off the edge of the podium.

Pole Hog - Players must hoop their tyre onto the pole in order to win the round. Once a tyre is ‘hogging’ the pole, other players have 30 seconds to do the same in order to share the reward.

King of the Hill - The first player to reach 100 points wins the round. Getting points is as easy as staying where marked ‘Hill’. The player with the most points wears the crown, and is the prime target to be removed from the Hill by the other players.

Tyre Pong - A new twist on a classic party game. The tyres possess a supercharged jump in order to reach their designated cups on distant tables. The first player to land a tyre in all of their cups wins the game.

DROP - Drop has two variations: Race and Endless. In the Race variation it's your mission to get your tyre to the landing strip at the bottom of the screen. If you beat the other players to the bottom you'll get the most points, and if you're slow enough to hit the ceiling you'll receive a puncture so nasty your tyre will be crushed to dust. Same goes for Endless, but in this variation it's your mission to be the last tyre alive.

DARTS - Darts as we all know it, first to zero wins. Each player gets three throws per turn and if they go below zero their score goes back up to where it was before their turn.

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