Tyre Pong Variations – Matt

Over the last few days I’ve been focusing on improvements for the Tyre Pong game mode. At EGX there a few comments about how we should speed up the gameplay of Tyre Pong. So I’ve added a few variations for people to choose from if they would like a faster game.


Players can select a timed variation of five minutes or ten minutes. The timer starts at the start of the game and when it runs out, the player with the most points (Least cups left) wins.


The Killer Pong Variation gives players 6 shots to clear as many of their cups as possible. If the player scores a point their shot count remains the same, and if they miss they lose one. When everyone’s shots are gone the player with the highest score wins.

the screenshot below shows how many points each player has, and below that is the amount of shots they have left.


In the event of a tie in the above variations, the drawing players have one shot each to score a point in the style of Killer Pong variation.


I’ve spent the majority of today creating a completely original play style for Tyre Pong. As popular as the original variation has been for people, mentions that it was too slow and people could only play one at a time have been quite frequent.

The video below shows Crazy Pong. Three cups in the centre are a short jump away for the players, and the aim of the game is to get into as many cups as possible in a short time frame (A minute).

The cups in the centre spin at a random speed each play, so some rounds will be easier than others. The video doesn’t demonstrate the anarchy that will occur when 4 people play, as I only have one set of hands. Also ignore the grey textures, we’ll start making it look pretty once we’ve tested it.

In the event of a tie, drawing players have another round with a shorter time frame (twenty seconds) to score the highest.

It’s been a really productive day!

Thanks for reading – Matt