Pickups – Matt

In preparation for EGX Rezzed in London we’ve introduced some extra mechanics into TYRED.

We came up with a list of basic powerups that would make the game even more chaotic and added them into the game over the last week.

Tom spent some time creating the artwork- meshes for the powerup symbols, Random Objects and their materials, as well as the glass material on the pickup containers

Occasionally a container (Randomised between sphere, cube and diamond) will fall from the sky onto the playing area, and shuffle between abilities a player can get when picked up. The current ability is shown by the shape inside the container.

Not all pickups are supposed to give players a certain advantage or disadvantage; while some do, we wanted to add a few that make the game even more crazy.

The first pickup turns the player into a random object from a selection of 15 meshes. Some of them are shown in the video below.

The second pickup is a weight that crushes any player it falls on. It’s contagious and can be passed onto other players. Once it is collected the players have 5 seconds before it drops. This timer may increase after more testing.

The next pickup is a Black Hole. Once picked up a black hole will appear and absorb any player that gets near it.

Chains originally were a permanent skin for Spare – the standard car tyre. After a lot of testing and feedback at events we decided it may be a bit overpowered. Now only players who are lucky enough to pick up chains can experience the upper-hand on icy levels.

Because we have a powerup for icy levels, we wanted to create a complete opposite. The Slick pickup takes away a lot of the grip from the tyre who collectes it.

The Spring Pickup makes the player bounce uncontrollably for a few seconds.

The Random Speed Pickup gives the player an increase or decrease in speed. Both can be a positive or a negative in certain situations.

The Freeze pickup covers the player with ice and they’re rendered helpless and slippery for five seconds. This gives other players a chance to knock them off the podium.

The Feather pickup makes the player as light as a – you guessed it. The jump height is significantly increased, while the mass of the player is decreased, and renders them unable to move other players until the pickup wears off.

The Enlarge and Shrink abilities make the player’s tyre size physically bigger or smaller, and along with it heavier or lighter. These can be both a positive and negative depending on the scenario; being bigger does make you stronger but also makes you a bigger target for the wreckingball, whirlwind, black hole etc, and being smaller and weaker makes it harder for other players to bash you out of the way.

We’re likely going to add more Pickups after EGX Rezzed, but priority is getting TYRED online.