Online Multiplayer Customisation – Matt

In the last post I spoke about starting the customisation, and since then I’ve created a menu for the player to interact and customise their tyre how they want.

For the name customisation I’ve added the random names from Singleplayer Customisation, as well as the option to have their steam name as their player name.

I’ve improved the Random Names by sorting them into categories. This way it’s easier to find the name you’re looking for. Animals with Attitude is improved somewhat compared to offline, because there are about 70 characteristics that can be put with about 70 animals, giving that category alone 4900 unique names. I’m going to add that feature into the offline customisation too, once online is further forward.

Like I have mentioned before, online will only be playable as the default Tyre at first. We’re doing this to give us more time to balance the playing field by releasing and modifying the tyres accordingly one by one. For this reason we’re also not including the Chain skin straight away, because we feel it’s a bit overpowered for now, and we’re coming up with mechanics to give players temporary abilities such as chain tyres during gameplay.
A few rims need fixing, like the ones with different materials, such as the pumpkin rim and the Tyred T Rim, but other than that it’s working quite well.

The Colour Customisation is another improvement of what we have for the offline version of customisation. The RGB sliders are still there, but I’ve included a few default colours, including the TYRED Blue, primary colours and secondary colours and a few others. After selecting the colour it can be changed with the sliders to get the specific shade.

One of the next steps will be stopping the countdown for player death timeouts when in the lobby level.

Thanks for reading!