New Rims – Matt

I’ve spent the day modelling some new rims for TYRED. We’ve always been passionate about giving the players as much customisation as possible.

I created 4 for the car wheel (which we can reuse for the tractor tyre as well) and 7 for the motorbike wheel.

Car Rims

Patriotic Rim – The TYRED T

Pumpkin Rim – Our friend has a gaming channel on Youtube and also does Twitch streams. He’s played TYRED a couple of times on his channels and he made a request for us to add a pumpkin (his channel icon). The rim stays orange regardless of player colour, but adjusting the player colour changes the colour of the glow in the eyes, nose and mouth.

Patriotic Rims – Sekrit Games Keyhole


Motorbike Rims

Tri-Spoke Rim


Holy Tri-Spoke Rim


Crossed Scythe Rim – A tribute to Sons of Anarchy


Anarchy Rim – Another tribute to Sons (I really loved the SOA, okay?)


Glowing Rims – We’ve been unable to use emissive materials for quite some time because of a cel-shader. We’ve disabled the shader and we’re gonna work harder on improving the textures to help it fit the style of the game. I’m making the most of emissives now.


I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made today. The Car and Tractor Tyres now have 19 Rims in total, and the Motorbike Tyre has 13. I think my next steps will be adding more rims to the bicycle wheel.

Any further suggestions for rims would be appreciated, and you can fire them at us on twitter @SekritGames