New Rims and Textures – Tom

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making more rims for TYRED, here a few I made today. A skull, a skull and cross bones, a radioactive sign, a hazard sign, a peace symbol, a tractor rim, a cool symbol, a tree, ying and yang and a sporty rim.

I have also been revamping textures, I removed the toon shader from our game and Im in the process of revamping the lighting and textures and all round polishing and bug finding and fixing.

New Snow

Normal maps are now visable

I’ve also added fireworks to the win podium (hard to get a picture will update with a video soon)

New Lava

New texture tests

A sand test, a snow test, a lava test. some have deformation and displacement.

We also have emissive maps back!

Shows the emissive and the material for the lava.

I hope to revamp ALL the textures in two weeks time!

Cheers Tom