Designated Drivers – Matt

Yesterday I implemented a feature we’re calling Designated Drivers (Tom thought of the name, I’m so proud of him).

One of the issues we faced at EGX was that multiple people were trying to control the main menu, this caused some havoc and following EGX we changed it so that only Player 1 could control the main menu.

I realised that since we plan on implementing a “drop-in/drop-out mid-game” feature there may be times where the game can enter main menu without player 1 being active and able to set up the next game. As easy as it may be to enable Player 1 again I thought it would be a bit faffy.

When the game starts Player 1 is the Designated Driver, and at any time they can surrender the control by pressing the start button, and someone else can claim the responsibility by pressing start. We wanted to prevent annoying circumstances where people kept taking control so the Designated Driver has to give up the privilege before anyone else can take it.

If after a game the Designated Driver has dropped out,  the role will be given to whoever claims it first.

Whoever is the Designated Driver has a steering wheel above their name, and if there is no Designated Driver there’s a shaking wheel above a warning.

Thanks for reading – Matt