Sekrit Games

Indie Game Development Studio


Available on Steam


September 2017


April 2018


We primarily develop video games. We mainly focus on local multiplayer games; one of our aims is to bring friends and families together to play games socially.
TYRED, the chaotic party brawler, is currently available on Steam Early Access.

Asset Packs

We in the process of creating content packs for Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace.

3D Prints

Our 3D printer enables us to bring virtual models into the real world.
Ask us for a quote.

3D Scans

We can take 3D scans of real life models to put into a virtual environment.
These include Faces, Full Bodies and inanimate objects.

With a diverse skill set, we strive to provide unique, out-of-the-box solutions to every project we lay our hands on.

Meet the Team

Matt Atkinson

Blueprint Mastermind

(Unreal Engine Programmer & Animator)

Time spent thinking about food
3DS Max Unreal Engine 4 Photoshop Cura

Tom Smith

Substance Abuser

(3D & Technical Artist)

Beard growth
3DS Max Unreal Engine 4 Photoshop Substance Designer Cura

Find us.

Victoria Building, Victoria Road, Middlesbrough

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